The Green Building Centre: Open for Business Innovation

Groundbreaking_2: Minister Van Loan chats with some CCET students before the official groundbreaking.   BIMLabLaunch_2: The ribbon cutting: Robert Luke (Vice President, Research & Innovation), Jeff Litwin (Associate Dean, Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies), Anne Sado (President, George Brown College), Allan Patridge (President, Canada BIM Council), Nancy Sherman (Dean, Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies) and Clint Kissoon (Chair, School of Architectural Studies & Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management  ToppingOff_2: Industry supporters signing the beam.

Welcome to the Green Building Centre, the next step in Canada’s innovative research in sustainability and green technology.

The Green Building Centre acts as a hub of research infrastructure that connects industry to economically meaningful applied research. This new research hub will focus on the Canadian construction, engineering and IT sectors, facilitating applied research in green construction and sustainable building practices.

Applied research at George Brown relies on sustained student engagement, as researchers and student leaders. Our partners benefit from their enthusiasm and skill; our students gain crucial innovation skills as part of their applied education. By engaging our students in applied research, we’re training the next generation of highly qualified and skilled people and building the workforce of tomorrow.

Open for Business Innovation March 2014. Connect with us today.

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Green Building Centre Facilities

The Green Building Centre will house:

Professor Jamie McIntyre demonstrates prototyping technology to a student_

The Advanced Prototyping Lab, which will be used to rapidly develop new products for advanced building technology and energy management.

Product testing for an industry partner is underway at the Building Materials Lab_

The Building Materials Lab, which will provide a test site and demonstration lab for technology companies who want to refine prototypes and test innovative green building systems, materials and technologies in a realistic setting.

A student works on a cladding test hut for ongoing research at the Building Sciences Lab_

The Building Sciences Lab, which will provide testing to increase energy efficiency including claddings.

Students work together on a component for a “smart” kitchen in the Building Automation Lab_

The Building Automation Lab, which will test products to make buildings “smarter.”

A student explores a 3D rendered architectural space in the BIM Lab_

The Building Information Modeling studio which will work with the industry to introduce not only improved sustainable design processes but apply this technology to the life cycle of buildings.


The Business Accelerator and Entrepreneurship space which will provide the infrastructure where, industry, college researchers and their students will develop and monitor the projects. This will include space to support an International Business outreach activity to new international markets for green technologies and to keep track of emerging trends around the world.

With the support of the Government of Canada's Economic Action Plan through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

Green Building Centre:

Applied Research in Practice: