George Brown College Anonymous Reporting Sheet

If this is an urgent matter please call George Brown Security at (416) 415-4000 or (416) 415-5000, extension 8000.

Fill out as much information below as possible and click ‘submit’ below.

If any of the information is unknown please indicate, or leave field blank.

*Please note this form is only to be used if the victim or suspect is a George Brown College staff, student, or faculty member. For other occurrences please use the appropriate service (for example Toronto Police Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or

Suspect Information

(If more than one suspect, please attach additional forms.  

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Other Suspect Information


Crime Details


Vehicle Information (if Applicable)


Sale or Use of Drugs (if Applicable)



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Terms and Conditions

Be sure you did not provide your name above OR any identifying information if you wish to remain anonymous.

If you would like to follow up on this tip or give us the ability to contact you if we have any questions, please request a ‘tip reference code’ given to you when you submit this form.

  1. Information submitted via this service is subject to our privacy policy. Please read our policy to understand how the provisions affect the information you submit.
  2. Tip submission and disposition: George Brown College does not guarantee 100% security or timely delivery or reception of the submitted information. Neither the college nor the delivery system guarantees if, when and how any submitted information may or may not be acted upon by George Brown security or law enforcement agencies. You may want to consider alternative reporting methods if the tip contains information of a timely nature.
  3. This system is only to be used if the victim or suspect is a George Brown College employee, student or faculty member, or if the crime occurred on George Brown College property, otherwise it is to be reported to the correct agency.
  4. Improper/ illegal use of this service: This tip submission system is provided to the public for the purpose of anonymously reporting known or suspected suspicious or criminal activity. Any misuse or abuse of this system is strictly prohibited. MAKING A FALSE REPORT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE AND MAY BE PUNISHABLE BY LAW.

By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions and understand that you should call campus security or 911 if this is an emergency or if this is an urgent situation (a crime in progress).