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At George Brown College, we offer programs that cover a wide range of subject areas and interests designed for diverse learners who come to us from all walks of life.  

You can complete an apprenticeship, earn a diploma or degree, pursue continuing education and more. 

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Review the details up to 3 programs side-by-side to understand how they compare.

Program Codes and Statuses Defined

What is a program code?

A program code is made up of a letter and 3 numbers and is a shorthand reference to a program’s full name. Wherever you see a program listed throughout our website, you’ll see its accompanying program code. For example: Culinary Management Program (H100)

How to read a program code

Program codes are made up of a letter and a number. The letter represents which Academic Centre the program belongs to while the number represents the credential that a student will obtain upon graduating. For example, H100 is a diploma program in our Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

What does your program code mean?

Use the charts below to determine what your program code means.

Program Codes

Academic Centre

  • Arts, Design & Information Technology: T, G, F, P
  • Business: B
  • Community Services & Early Childhood Education: C
  • Construction & Engineering Technologies: T
  • Health Sciences: S, C
  • Hospitality & Culinary Arts: H
  • Preparatory & Liberal Studies: R, A


  • Diploma/Certificate/Advanced Diploma: 100s
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 300s
  • Postgraduate: 400s

Program statuses explained

When you visit Ontario Colleges, our Online Application System for international students, or our Program Availability page, you’ll see that each program is assigned a status to let applicants know if they can apply. We’ve defined these statuses below.

  • Open: The enrolment for this program is open, and applications are still being accepted.
  • Closed: This program is full for the defined start date.
  • Suspended: This program is currently not available to new applicants or first-year students. It may become available in the future.
  • Waitlisted: Applicants can still apply to this program; however, a waitlist has been established. If other applicants that are accepted decline their offer or fail to register, seats may become available.
  • Not Available: This program is not running during the defined start date.
  • Opens on X Date: This status indicates when the college will begin accepting applications.
  • Opening Soon: Applications for this program haven’t opened yet, and applicants are encouraged to check back regularly.
  • Continuous Open Enrolment: This typically applies to Distance Education programs that run all year, and applicants can start when they want.

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