Second Career Contact Information

For specific Second Career related inquiries, contact the Community Partnerships Office. The Second Career Team within the Community Partnerships Office provides student focused advising for Second Career funded students across the College. Advising is available in person, over the phone or email.

Our role is to advise and support you with any questions/issues you may have related to your Second Career funding. We are able to provide support within a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Revision of Second Career documentation
  • Financial challenges and/or issues with Second Career funding
  • Changes to your academic pathway
  • Other personal or academic challenges

Community Partnerships Office

Kevin Ferrie
Second Career Student Specialist
Tel: 416-415-5000 ext. 3714


Jonida Chaka
Sponsored Initiatives Coordinator
Tel: 416-415-5000 ext. 6995

Blackboard Community for Second Career Students

Second Career funded students have immediate access to a Blackboard Community called the “Second Career Student Corner”. Here you will find materials and information that are relevant to your Second Career-funded college experience. On this Blackboard Community you will find the following:

  • Important Dates and Announcements 
  • Student Success Orientation Materials
  • Academic Supports and Services
  • Student Supports and Services
  • Financial Aid Resources
  • Second Career Advising Contact Information

To view the Blackboard community, login to your Blackboard account and click on the “Community” tab, followed by “Second Career Student Corner”. If you do not see the Second Career Student Corner, please contact us and we will add you to our user database.

 Blackboard login:

Other Useful College Services for Second Career Students:

Financial Assistance Office

St. James
200 King Street East, Student Service Centre

Casa Loma
160 Kendal Avenue, Student Service Centre

51 Dockside Drive, Student Service Centre

Career Centre

St. James
200 King Street East, Student Service Centre
Tel: 416-415-5000 ext. 3818

Casa Loma
160 Kendal Avenue, C317
Tel: 416-415-5000 ext. 4100

51 Dockside Drive, Room 017
Tel. 416.415.5000 x 5301

Counselling Department

St. James
200 King Street East, Room 582C
Tel. 416.415.5000 x 2107

Casa Loma
160 Kendal Avenue, Room C317
Tel: 416.415.5000 x 4585

51 Dockside Drive, Room 225
Tel. 416.415.5000 x 5370

WAVE Health Clinic

51 Dockside Drive, 3rd Floor
Tel. 416.415.4547


St. James: B121, lower level, A Bldg.
Casa Loma: D310