The Analytics for Business Decision Making eight-month graduate certificate program prepares students to do the analysis of data specific to multi-faceted business decision making needs. It is about developing information into knowledge, and converting that intelligence to action. This program is primarily online, with the course work and instruction offered through a combination of traditional in-class, fully online and hybrid classes (which combine online delivery with some in-class instruction at the St. James Campus in Toronto). Note that approximately 40% of courses are delivered strictly online. Students are required to have a laptop computer. Please check course outlines for details on which courses are delivered in which format.

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Program name
Analytics for Business Decision Making
Experiential learning
Client Project
8 months (2 semesters)
Starting month
Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Method of study

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Program Availability

Domestic students
Sept. 2018 Closed
Jan. 2019 N/A
May 2019 N/A
International students
This program is currently only available to domestic students.

Full Description

The need for graduates with skills in the area of business analytics is growing rapidly across all industry sectors. The Analytics for Business Decision Making graduate certificate program prepares students to do the analysis of data specific to multi-faceted business decision making needs. It is about developing information into knowledge, and converting that intelligence to action. The goal is to prepare the student to engage and be competitive across various business divisions with the ability to “tell stories” about data, which assist decision-makers in their own activities.

The focus will be on skills development, technical and otherwise, including analytic understanding and dissemination for various business uses. A bold mix of skills, including some programming, applied statistical comprehension and database understanding, will be explored in the context of organizational Big Data (Operational) requirements.

Program Requirements

The Analytics for Business Decision Making program is offered approximately 90% online. Students will require a laptop. The minimum computing requirements of the computer are:

  • A PC running Windows 7 or higher with 4MB RAM and a i3 processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8 or Server 2012
  • 2008 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows
  • Minimum of a Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor 32-bit color depth (recommended)
  • Web Camera and Microphone
  • Microsoft Office including Access

For students who prefer Apple/Mac environments, it is necessary to have the following:

  • Bootcamp/Parallels
  • A copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1
  • Microsoft Office including Access (preferred that students have a PC version of this software as Mac versions sometimes do not have the same depth in capability)
B412 - Photo of students

Part Time Study Options

Part-time study options are not available for this program.

Experiential Learning

Client Project

Your Field Study options

The BUS 4045 Data Project Capstone Project is a self-directed, faculty-guided research and analytics project for a client requiring support for an important business decision. You will demonstrate your ability to analyze real-world data and make meaningful business recommendations based on client feedback and interaction. This valuable work experience can, in turn, be added to your resume.

Program Standards and Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Extract, transform and load data to more efficiently support problem solving and decision making.
  2. Warehouse and mine data for the purpose of business decision making.
  3. Develop classification and/or predictive models using operational and marketing data in support of business decision making.
  4. Determine, using a variety of business intelligence tools, the most appropriate for each business decision making scenario.
  5. Effectively communicate analytics results and conclusions orally, in written reports and in formal presentations to various levels of staff and management.
  6. Apply descriptive and differential statistical techniques to Big Data.
  7. Analyze and interpret digital information as it relates to all aspects of an organization.
  8. Apply the principles of business ethics and corporate social responsibility to the application and use of data to support business decision making.

Required Courses

In order to graduate, you need to complete the following 13 Mandatory courses.

Printable Curriculum Planner 2018-2019pdf file


semester courses
CodeCourse Name (Mandatory)Pre-requisite
COMP 4007Computer Applications Involving AnalyticsNONE
MGMT 4030Business ResearchNONE
MARK 1027Marketing ManagementNONE
MARK 4005Applied Business CommunicationsNONE
STAT 4001Statistics I for AnalyticsNONE
BUS 4022Programming Fundamentals for AnalyticsNONE


semester courses
CodeCourse Name (Mandatory)Pre-requisite
MARK 4018Data Mining & ModelingMARK 1027
BUS 4045Data Project Capstone ProjectCompletion of Semester 1
BUS 4024Business Decision-Making Through Advanced AnalyticsBUS 4022
STAT 4003Statistics II for AnalyticsSTAT 4001
MARK 4012Marketing MetricsMARK 1027
Weeks 1-7
BUS 4023Business, Web and Social Media Metrics and AnalysisSTAT 4001
Weeks 8-14
COMP 4008Advanced Computer Applications Involving AnalyticsCOMP 4007

Detailed course outlines

Your Career

Graduates of this program will be prepared for careers in a variety of organizations such as marketing research firms, polling firms, branding/design firms, insurance and finance firms, loyalty programs (marketing), health care, public sector, manufacturing and supply-chain.

Potential positions may include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Market Risk Analytics Officer
  • Web Analytics Manager
  • Decision Support Specialist
  • Web Analyst

Future Study Options

For information on future study options, see

There are many pathways into the Analytics for Business Decision Making Graduate Certificate B412 program including work, college programs and university programs. After graduating from the program, students can begin their career.



Additional Cost

* Amounts listed are the total of tuition, materials, student service and ancillary fees for the first two semesters of programs starting in fall 2017. Fees are subject to change for programs starting in fall 2018 and at later dates.

Admission Requirements

  • College Advanced Diploma (3-year) or Bachelor's Degree or demonstrated, relevant work experience (resume and references required).

English Language Proficiency

Applicants with international transcripts who do not provide English language proficiency test results must test at the College level in the George Brown College English assessment to be considered. In addition, applicants who are considered for admission to the program based solely on their work experience will be required to provide proof of English proficiency at the college level, and may be required to write the English admission assessment.

Please visit for more details

Course Exemptions

Some college and university credits may qualify you for exemptions. Please visit for more information.

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Success Stories

Xavier Fu

"The faculty were instrumental to my success. They continually support and drive me towards reaching my goals and objectives. They teach not just the fundamentals of research, modelling, and storytelling techniques used in data analytics, but also the tools to be agile and adaptive in the future career. Always accommodating to my time schedule, the staff allowed me the opportunity to have the full learning experience, while maintaining a full-time job and a data research project."

Watch a short video of Xavier and his team partner Annissa at SAS Global Forum 2018 where their project won the first place.

Xavier Fu (Analytics for Business Decision Making, graduate 2018, Data Reporting Analyst, Horizn).

Annissa Rodriguez

"This program is a foundation to success in the data analytics field. The teachers are personable, and really push you to your limits. In semester two of this program, a Capstone project is offered, which is a real-life job experience using data analytics. My partner, Xavier and I, took the most out of this experience. Our project was the only one in Canada to make it to 2018 SAS Global Forum’s Student Symposium and won the 1st place.”

Read more on Annissa and Xavier’s success at SAS Global Forum 2018.

Annissa Rodriguez (Analytics for Business Decision Making, graduate 2018, Manager of Operations, All Canadian Self-Storage).

Kishawna Peck, Analytics for Business Decision Making Graduate

"The Analytics for Business Decision Making program is geared to reducing the gap between business knowledge and analytic skills. I chose this program because I love to solve problems and enjoy business. My internship led to a full-time role as an analyst. In this program, you get a combination of understanding the 'why's' behind the analytics and learning how to actually use the different software for it. The students all come from different educational backgrounds, which allows you to bounce ideas off of each other and benefit from collaboration. This program has played a key role in launching my career and equipping me with the skills to solve complex business problems and provide meaningful insights."

Kishawna Peck (Graduate 2016, Analytics for Business Decision Making), Product Analyst, Moneris

Jorge M. Rivera

"The studies were my stairs to Business Analytics heaven. Thanks to the George Brown program I can solve problems using core data mining tools and I'm involved with people in the field. Now I'm more confident with my professional skills to build a bright future."

Jorge M. Rivera I. (Graduate 2015, Analytics for Business Decision Making, Manager - International Banking Retail & Small Business, Scotiabank)

Jayeeta Chakarborty, Student, Analytics for Business Decision Making Program

"The faculty in this program are just amazing. They bring years of experience from the industry. They help us, train us, make us ready to go out there and work. They share their experiences, they help us with networking. It’s just amazing! There are lot of things happening around here: a lot of networking events, job fairs, and I think that’s one of the greatest advantages of being in a college that’s in the heart of the city." Hear more about Jayeeta Chakarborty’s story in ourvideo.

Jayeeta Chakarborty (Student, Analytics for Business Decision Making)

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Analytics for Business Decision Making (Postgraduate) (B412)

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Tom Supra, Program Co-ordinator


Elizabeth Speers, Director, Centre for Business


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