School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Requisite Health Forms

Hepatitis B vaccine shortage in Ontario

Our office is well aware of the current shortage of Hepatitis B and Twinrix vaccinations since last year. Due to this, it creates a long delay for our new and returning students to complete their Health Form requirements.  Please note that you will only have to pay for the Hepatitis B booster shot if your lab blood test result was Non-immunity/Non-reactive/negative. If you cannot find any Hep B/Twinrix vaccines either from your family doctor or Walk in Clinic or pharmacy at this time, please ask your physician/doctor to provide us a medical note regarding this shortage and you are safe to attend clinical/field practice. (posted on June 18, 2019).

Quick Tips 

  1. Download, read and follow the instructions carefully on your program specific pre-placement health form.
  2. If you are an International Student, you are required to complete your program health form requirements and Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) Work Permit.  
  3. Apply now for your police vulnerable sector check particularly if you live in Toronto Region.
  4. Book an appointment with your doctor/physician and start with the medical requirements.
  5. Once all the listed requirements are done and completed, you must create an account and book an appointment with ParaMed Requisite online and submit your health form documents at your scheduled appointment.
  6. Students should not come or book an appointment with ParaMed Requisite Office with no health forms completed by their doctor/physician. Otherwise, you will be charged an initial visit fee.
  7. Students will pay for their initial visit and mask fit test fees at their scheduled appointment with ParaMed Requisite Office.
  8. If you fail to complete all the listed requirements by your program specific deadline below, you will be excluded from clinical/field placement and cannot continue on for next semester.

Requisite Health Forms by program

H119-2nd year Culinary Management (Nutrition) program (for second year students only who are selected and approved to complete their externship in a health care facility)

H402-Food & Nutrition Management program