Call to Teachers – 29th Annual Labour Fair

George Brown College’s 29th Annual Labour Fair: Organizing in a Burning World: Unions, Workers and Social Justice 

Monday, March 22 – Friday, March 26, 2021

"All of our requests were met. The support we received was great! … you found us the most amazing and relevant speaker! Suze was brilliant and she was able to speak about things we had discussed in the classroom just a week ago. It was a perfect fit. So thank you once again for creating such an excellent event for our College! I can't wait until next year!"

"Students asked the speaker lots of questions and later told me it was very helpful. I will most definitely have this happen again. Thanks!"

"I think this is a fantastic event. I believe the organization is incredible. No complaints ever. I am so grateful for the labour fair and each year the students appreciate it."

The Labour Fair Committee invites all teachers to participate!

Speaker request DEADLINE: Please fill out the form below before Friday, January 15, 2021

The Labour Fair is an annual week-long event that brings 75+ union and activist speakers into GBC classes to talk with students about issues relevant to the work sectors they are preparing for and working in.

The global pandemic has put social inequality and the climate crisis in stark relief.  As social inequality and the climate crisis grow both globally and locally, Indigenous and racialized people, workers, migrants, and poor communities face the brunt of the crisis.  Global capitalism and industrialization are clearly massively socially and environmentally destructive. We need bold new policies and a just, sustainable economy. We need, together, to put people before profits, to center human needs ahead of the myth of unrestrained economic growth.

What does this mean to students and workers? From livable wages to livable futures – we’ll come together to discuss how to heal a burning world.

Please allow us to arrange a speaker from the union movement for your class(es) during the week of Monday, March 22 – Friday, March 26, 2021.

Speaker topic streams

Choose one of these, or suggest one of your own (please ensure that your topic is related to labour, unions, and/or social justice):

Unions 101, workers’ rights, and tools for organizing

  • union viewpoints on specific fields of work (apprenticeships, business, child care, community services, fashion, health care, hospitality, technology, theatregaming and design, etc.)
  • Organizing a union & collective agreements
  • Workplace health and safety, duty to accommodate &/or AODA, accessibility
  • IT & organizing, AI & unions, the tech sector and gig-economy
  • Tax cuts, Canada’s social safety net, Guaranteed income
  • Workers and mental health
  • Co-ops, credit unions, industrial democracy & collective ownership
  • Labour and the arts/ Popular theatre workshop
  • Organizing for change: in labour and in social movements

Climate change and climate justice

  • Human rights & climate justice
  • Environmental racism and eco fascism
  • Immigrants, climate refugees, non-status & migrant workers
  • Unions and green / environmental issues
  • Green New Deal & Just Transition: green jobs and economy
  • Capitalism and the 6th age of extinction
  • Mobilizing for climate justice

Racism, colonialism, equity, and social justice

  • Indigenous rights/Dismantling colonialism
  • Unions and anti-Black racism
  • Student organizing and the labour movement
  • Workers’ rights, Part-time, contract and precarious work
  • Gig work and gig economies
  • Technologically facilitated racism and colonialism
  • Women and unions; LGBTQ2S issues; harassment & equity issues
  • International organizing: understanding global issues, building global alliances
  • Social movements and the labour movement (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Sex workers’ rights)
  • Labour, alternatives to policing, and the prison industrial complex

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