Bridging Programs for Immigrants

Bridging Programs are designed to help you make use of the education and work experience you have acquired internationally.  These programs help you to overcome the barriers between you and a rewarding job in the Canadian workforce.

We currently offer the bridging programs listed below:

College Teachers Training for Internationally Educated Professionals - Postgraduate Program (R403)

This classroom-based program is uniquely designed to provide occupation-specific communication and employment skills, training and experience in the Canadian college classroom, and to help prepare internationally educated teachers to teach in the Canadian college environment. This program also offers opportunities to network with college teachers and potential employers and provides mechanisms to gain experience in the Canadian classroom. Graduates have found employment across the college and university system in Ontario working as full-time professors, part-time professors, sessional instructors, tutors, and curriculum developers. Graduates will receive an Ontario College Graduate Certificate.

Construction Management (Graduate Certificate) (T403)

This program provides applied education for management positions in all construction settings, including an enhanced workplace experience component to help you make a quick transition to employment. 

Academic Pathway for Nurses (Graduate Certificate)

This outcome-based certificate provides Canadian nurses and Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) with an opportunity to strengthen their nursing skills and knowledge. The courses meet the needs of Canadian nurses returning to practice and Canadian nurses and IENs who have been assessed by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) as needing to meet designated theory and clinical elements. Each nurse has an individual pathway as indicated by the letter of direction from the CNO.