10th Annual George Brown College Pow Wow

women dancing - 8th Annual GBC Pow Wow 

10th Annual George Brown College Pow Wow
Saturday, March 24th, 2018 
Waterfront Campus

Grand Entry 12:00 pm

Four Sacred Colours Pow Wow

Presented by George Brown College Indigenous Education & Services in partnership with the Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies.

About the Pow Wow

This one day Pow Wow is a gathering of all nations and peoples from Toronto and surrounding regions. One way we celebrate our Indigenous culture is through dance and drumming. Vendors local and regional come and set up to sell their Indigenous art, crafts and wares.

Pow Wows are a time to share knowledge, form new friendships and renew old ones.

The origin of this traditional native ceremony is not solely defined by dancing and drumming, but includes the gathering of individuals, who taught, shared, traded, healed and celebrated together. The circle is believed to create harmony – meaning all who are part of it are equal.  

We will have a Sacred Fire kept by a Traditional Fire Keeper, Jim Seegers and his helpers. All are welcome to attend the Sacred Fire and offer medicines to the fire for prayers. The Fire Keeper will be there to guide and assist anyone who requests.

The Pow Wow will begin with the Grass Dancers blessing the grounds, and then the Grand Entry takes place with the Flag Carriers leading the veterans and dancers into the arena. The day is finished by a traditional give-away followed by a feast and the Travelling Song.

About the Name – Four Sacred Colours

When we dance in Pow Wows, we pray each round for self and others. George Brown College is a perfect example of four colours of the world. As you walk through the halls of all three campuses you will encounter the four colours of the races of the world. Each one is equal and we are all together in this journey of life.


Waterfront Campus, 51 Dockside Drive (Lower Sherbourne)
Underground Parking is available for a fee. ($)
Bus service is # 6 Bay and # 75 Sherbourne
For a campus map, directions, TTC, and parking information check

Who Should Attend

All who are interested in learning more about the local and regional Indigenous community.

Agenda – subject to change

  • 10:30   Registration Opens for Dancers  

  • 11:30   Doors Open for Everyone

  • 11:45   Blessing of the Grounds

  • 12:00
      Grand Entry  

  • Flag Song
  • Veteran's Song
  • Invocation
  • Welcoming Remarks - Ian Wigglesworth, Dean, Centre for Preparatory & Liberal Studies, George Brown College
  • 2:00   Intertribal – Spot dance

  • 2:30   Showcasing of Dance Styles 

    • Women's Traditional
    • Men's Traditional
    • Jingle Dress
    • Intertribal – Spot
    • Women's Fancy Shawl
    • Men's Fancy Dancers
    • Intertribal/Spot dance
    • Round dance
  • 4:00   Give away 

  • 4:30   Traveling Song 

  • 5:00   Feast  

There is no entry fee and there will be a feast at 5:00 pm: all are welcome.

Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper

Pauline Shirt

Master of Ceremonies

Bob Goulais

Fire Keeper

Jim Seeger

Host Drum

Young Creek

Head Dancers

Male: Anthony Gladue
Female: Deanne Hupfield


There will be a wonderful selection of Indigenous Art, Crafts and Wares for sale.

For more information

Indigenous.services@georgebrown.ca 416-415-5000 Ext 3969

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