Composite photos for media and performing arts

Performing Arts programs rooted in classical training

At George Brown College, Media, Theatre Arts and Dance diploma programs are rooted in the fundamentals of classical training.

Theatre Arts students will explore a wide range of acting styles and periods, and receive training in many other areas.

“Thereason I was attracted to George Brown Theatre School was due to its conservatory-style training, solely in acting,” said Patrick Kwok-Choon, Graduate 2010, Theatre Arts.

“So being surrounded by working professionals and by a great training program such as George Brown's was exactly where I wanted to be.”

For dancers, our two-year diploma program provides principal training in classical ballet, with a strong focus on additional styles, including modern and jazz.

“There’s that part of you that has no choice … If you want to dance and it’s in you, you have to do it,” said George Brown alumna and George Brown Dance Education Manager Clea Iveson. “You need to give it a shot because you have to do it when you're young and you have to give it 125 per cent if you're going to make a go of it. … George Brown is a fantastic place to do it because you're surrounded by people who are exactly those kinds of people, the ones that are doing it for their life because that's what they have to be doing.”