Media Industry

Two female and two male media students are discussing a project in the office

The School of Media and Performing Arts actively maintains relationships with leading figures from across the creative and media industries in Toronto. These professionals work with our media area to ensure our students receive the training essential for success. The St. James Campus houses a series of media programs preparing students for the challenges and opportunities arising from technological advancement and shifting consumer demand.

As the media industry changes, entrepreneurial and enterprising skills are becoming increasingly important. Media graduates will have an understanding of the evolving business opportunities and economic factors influencing the media and creative industries today. The School of Media and Performing Arts goal is to produce graduates with holistic and unique artistic identities in addition to advanced technical competency. Students of applicable programs will learn about freelancing, independent contracting and crowdsourcing among other relevant topics.

A direct segue from education to industry is offered by George Brown College’s exciting partnership with YouTube Space. Media students will have the opportunity to experience workshops and events sponsored by YouTube. Potentially working with YouTube Creators, Media students will have the opportunity to explore the limitless nature of the contemporary media environment. The goal of our media programs is to produce graduates with a deep understanding of the current media moment as well as astute foresight for identifying future trends and industry niches.

Qualifying students of select media programs will have placement opportunities embedded in the curriculum. All media students will benefit the leading edge studio environment offered at the St. James Campus. Please see Learning Environment for more information on how the pedagogical strategy of the School of Media and Performing Arts mirrors industry culture.