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Peerconnect Study Well - Students at the Microsoft 101 workshop

Our top tips to help you study better:

1. Get to know your learning profile.

Each of us learns differently. That’s why it’s important to understand your learning profile, learning strengths and challenges. Take our quiz.

2. Learn strategies to manage your time effectively. 

Life gets busy so it’s best to be prepared and plan your semester. One of the most important study skills is learning how to plan your time. The good news is that there are lots of tools—digital and print—to help you do that. To get started:

  • Develop your time management plan PDF icon
  • Get the big picture with a semester calendar pdf file opens in a new window —track tests and assignments for the whole term.
  • Zoom in on this week with a weekly planner pdf file opens in a new window —organize your school and outside activities.
  • Learn why you are procrastinating and what you can do about it!
  • Put away your phone—texts, YouTube and Facebook can wait.
  • Make time for yourself—balance is key. Check out our Live well section for more information.

Download our Getting Organized pdf pdf file opens in a new window for more information:

3. Multiple choice exams are common in post-secondary education.

Learn how to ace your next one:

  • Remember that there are no tricks—know your course material.
  • Your first choice is often correct, don’t ‘second guess’ yourself
  • Stay calm, focused and alert.

Learn more about answering multiple choice questions pdf file opens in a new window by downloading the pdf below:

If you feel overwhelmed or like you’re falling behind in your studies reach out for help from Peerconnect or George Brown’s professional counsellors.


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