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Who We Are

Peerconnect is a college wide, student-run support service available through the Student Affair's Student Success Initiatives program. Our services are offered to students and faculty within George Brown College.  Peerconnect offers one-on-one coaching, events, weekly activities, online resources and workshops at every George Brown campus.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance student well-being and success at George Brown College through the talents of our peer coaches. Peerconnect contributes to a healthy campus environment where students feel engaged, included and equipped to thrive at college and beyond. Peerconnect promotes a culture of care that is inclusive of all members of the GBC community.

Our Staff

Diana McIntyre, Student Success Initiatives Coordinator

Diana McIntyre

Diana is a faculty member and is the SSI Coordinator for St. James and Waterfront Campuses. She provides leadership to the Peerconnect program, working with peer leaders across the college to help all students "study, work, and live well".

Diana also guides and supports teaching faculty by providing tailored workshops both inside and outside the classroom, and by sharing effective resources to enhance student well-being and success.

"Peerconnect provides an inclusive and supportive community for students. It creates an environment where students can flourish, and is a critical component of our Healthy Campus initiative."

Jacqueline Macchione, Student Success Initiatives Coordinator

Jacqueline Macchione

Jacqueline is a faculty member and is the SSI Coordinator for Casa Loma and Ryerson Campuses. She holds a MA in Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development and has taught Psychology & Professional Development courses across 6 programs at George Brown College. She works collaboratively with faculty, peer coaches, and students in fostering meaningful connections and supporting successful student learning outcomes.

She is dedicated to her work with both students and faculty, and provides support for others in the college community by delivering workshops, creating activities that focus on well-being and supporting the planning of college wide events that promote a positive and inclusive learning community where all can thrive and flourish.

"Peer connect promotes a strong community and culture of care at George Brown College where students are empowered in developing the necessary skills and abilities that will help support successful learning outcomes and engagement."

Ashley Singh

Ashley Singh

Ashley coordinates the daily activities and responsibilities of the Peer Coaches for the School of ECE at our Ryerson campus. She graduated from George Brown in 2014 with a diploma in Early Childhood Education, and has 3 years’ experience working in the field. Being a former student herself, she recognizes the importance of accessing supports and resources on campus.

“Peerconnect provides an environment of inclusion and works towards building a strong community of care on campus. All activities at Peerconnect provide students with a variety of supports that help to promote student success.”

Nisha Gorya-Gupta

Nisha Goraya-Gupta

"Nisha coordinates weekly workshops and activities with Peer Coaches at our St. James campus to help students study well, live well and work well. She graduated from George Brown College in 2017 with a Business Human Resource Diploma and has a Law, Society & Justice DEC from Dawson College.

"Peerconnect is a family of Peer coaches, staff, faculty and administrators who work together to help students succeed in their academic goals and overall well-being. We are committed to supporting and promoting a culture of care on campus, as we believe this is essential to student development and success."

Carmen Cubillan

Carmen Cubillan

Carmen runs the day-to-day operations for Peerconnect, Waterfront campus. She is originally from Venezuela, and moved to Canada in the summer of 2013. She is a trained Journalist who holds a MA in Corporative Communication, and is also a recent graduate from the Digital Media Marketing at GBC. Her journey to George Brown College started at the School of ESL, first as a student, and then as a Peer Coach and a Digital Media Specialist.

"Working as a Peer Coach has been one of the best experiences in my life. I believe that having good relationships with people based on respect and open communication, are key for building a healthy community. Each one of us is connected in unique ways. In our daily lives, we may choose different paths, but we find belonging in supportive spaces such as the one provided by Peerconnect. Drop by any of our centres, we are here to support you in order to be successful during your time at GBC."

Yiwei (Ivy) Jiang

Ivy Jiang

Yiwei (Ivy) Jiang manages daily operation of the Peerconnect Casa Loma team, also provides support to Peer Coaches' projects and activities. She has a MSc electronic and digital library management degree, and graduated from George Brown College with a Business Marketing Diploma. She has worked with Peerconnect as a Peer Coach since 2016.

“The learning and growing process with the Peerconnect team enable me to become a part of the community based on culture of care. Peerconnect has made my life in Canada especially my school experience totally different. The diversity and inclusion of the peer coaches team provide stronger support to all George Brown College students to go through their obstacles.”


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