What the industry is saying about George Brown Students

What the industry is saying about us:

“GoodWindWater Enterprises Limited could not have found a better partner than the team at the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts - Food Innovation and Research Studio to develop recipes using sustainable Red Palm Oil for Canadian consumers. (Red palm oil is rich with Vitamins A & E). The GBC team overcame every challenge regarding consistency, texture, taste, colour, and yield to provide the tried-and-tasted-and-delicious recipe booklet.

I would like to thank every team member including management for the professionalism, expertise, commitment, support, and enthusiasm shown throughout our six-month project.”
Tong G. Cheah
President, GoodWindWater Enterprises Ltd.
“Working with George Brown has been an ongoing relationship, which is ideal in a partnership. Our student team was incredibly hardworking and creative, and working with GBC meant we had the same students seeing the product through every stage, from concept to commercialization. Since our product was an innovation in the market, it was difficult to find a manufacturer. To that end, our team at George Brown helped us expand into our own space and undertake our own manufacturing. Seeing the final product on store shelves has been exciting for all of us, especially our student team. They can see first-hand that all their hard work has produced something tangible.”
MaryAnn Scandiffio
President, Square Snacks
“Over the past twenty five years we have benefited from a special relationship with George Brown College, its students, its faculty and more recently with its food applied research team. We have been working with Winnie Chiu and her associates to develop nutritionally balanced recipes. Our ideas have been able to evolve from the work she has done with us. She is inspiring, and her confidence in us and our products has opened a new door.”
Cindy Simpson
Executive Vice President, Imago Restaurants Inc.

What students are saying about us:

"Working at the Food Innovation and Research Studio has been the most valuable experience in my culinary education. The Studio provides the opportunity to go beyond the scope of the curriculum and gain exposure to food research and development. I have had the opportunity to assist with sensory evaluations, recipe development, nutritional analysis, research studies, and media events. I have had an exceptional experience and the staff has been especially supportive of my career goals. The Studio has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start a successful career in the consumer food product industry.”
Catherine Mitchell
Culinary Management, School of 2012
"Working in the Food Innovation and Research Studio has been an invaluable out-of-classroom experience for me. Taking part in GBC applied research projects has not only given me the opportunity to apply my classroom learning to practical situations in the recipe development process, but also to gain insightful knowledge from highly skilled professionals in the Research and Development field. My learning experience here will definitely be beneficial and relevant to my career aspirations in the food industry."
Irene Ngo
Culinary Management Nutrition, School of 2010