Working group explores future of food at George Brown College


Safe access to affordable food is essential for students to be engaged in their college education. That’s why a team from across George Brown College came together to envision how food and food services at the college could be transformed to better support student and employee success in alignment with our Vision 2030 / Strategy 2022

The future of food working group, led by Chris McGrath, Vice-President, Student Success, recently released a request for proposal (RFP) that articulates key priorities for the future of food at the college. These priorities include supporting student success by increasing affordable access to food, collaboration in creativity and innovation, leadership in sustainability and building community. 

“We want to see food services move beyond the transaction of providing a meal and become an integrated part of the college ecosystem that supports students, their learning and development,” says McGrath. “For employees, this is equally important. Making sure that they have access to affordable food, as well as variety and choice at each campus is an important piece in employee engagement, success and retention.” 

The working group is looking to the vendors and respondents to be able to map what the transformation process looks like with us. 

“We’re hoping that our vendors will respond to the opportunity to partner and collaborate with us, to provide meaningful work-integrated learning experiences for our students, and opportunities for students to be connected to their community in the experience of consuming food.” 

In addition to the great work that went into envisioning the future of food at the college, the working group is an example of how people from across the college can come together to collaborate. 

“The entire team worked collaboratively together,” says McGrath. “The multiple perspectives of the team taught us a lot about how important food is. We learned about how food intersects with our people, our city, our communities, our operations, and our environment. The future of food vision document reflects these intersections, and we excited to hear back from proponents who are going to partner with us to innovate in the delivery of college food services for the future.”