Tax season tips for students

It's that special time of year – tax season.

If you're filing a tax return for the first time, or if you have questions about the process, you'll find services and resources below that can help.

What is a T2202A form and how do I get it?

T2202A is your tuition, education and textbook amounts certificate.

You can get your T2202A certificate on STU-VIEW Open New Browser Window. You can find instructions on how to find it on our Tuition Tax Receipts page.

Who can help me file my tax return?

On campus

The Student Association (SA) is hosting free income tax clinics March 12-23, 2018. You can book an appointment at Open New Browser Window.


The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) hosts free tax preparation clinics through the year. Find out if you’re eligible and find a clinic near you on the CRA’s tax preparation clinics – Ontario website Open New Browser Window.

Free filing service for students

The Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario offers year-round free tax filing services through Find out more on the CFS website Open New Browser Window.

Tips for picking a tax preparation service

If you’re able to pay a person or company to prepare your tax return, there are some guidelines you should follow when choosing a service.

Here are tips on finding a tax preparation service, from the CRA:

  • Select a company with a good reputation or someone who is properly trained. Ask how recently they took tax classes or if they have an accounting certification. You can check the Better Business Bureau and Ontario’s Consumer Beware list for recent complaints. You should also consider whether that person or company will be around to offer support should CRA choose to audit you.
  • Stay away from companies that promise you instant money. In many cases, it is a loan you are required to pay back – with interest! You could end up having to pay back the “instant refund” and pay additional income tax to the CRA.
  • Provide receipts for all expenses claimed. Reliable tax preparation services will ask to see your paperwork – to help you avoid penalties, interest or additional taxes that could result in an audit.
  • Avoid anyone who suggests you lie or manipulate figures. You are legally responsible for what’s on your tax return even if it’s prepared by someone else.
  • Never sign a blank tax form. Review the tax return before signing to make sure it is accurate and that you understand what you’re submitting.

Still have questions? Check out this CRA video series Canadian Students and Income Tax Open New Browser Window.