Student outlines the benefits of working on campus


It can be hard to juggle classes, homework and a job at the same time, but there are ways to make this a little bit easier. One way is to find a job on campus. Working on campus means that you’re not rushing to make your shift after a class. It also means a more flexible schedule that takes your academics into account, so you can find the right balance. We asked current student Erica Goddard to share her advice about on-campus employment.

What program and year are you in?

EG: I’m in my first year of Special Event Management.

What is your on-campus job and can you tell us what some of your responsibilities are?

EG: I work in two departments within the college. I am a part-time staff member in the Student Life and Housing office. I’m responsible for helping students who require housing information. I also create a welcoming environment for all students to feel safe and included within the George Brown community. As well, I am the St James Campus tour representative. Once a week I lead a group of prospective students and guests through the main parts of the campus highlighting the college’s best qualities.

How did you find your on-campus job? Was it difficult to find a job that fit into your class schedule?

EG: As a student, I thought it would be difficult to find a job that will work around my class schedule, but I was wrong. My two on-campus jobs have been so helpful and caring towards my studies. At the beginning of the semester, they asked for my class schedule, making sure that my work schedule would not affect my schooling. They are also very flexible. If I ever need a shift off, it is never a concern to get it off. They care for my well-being and that I’m succeeding in my studies more than anything.

What are some of your favourite parts of your job in particular, and what do you think are some benefits, in general, of working on-campus rather than off?

EG: My favourite part, by far, with both of my on-campus jobs is the people. Working in these areas of the college, you're always meeting new people and creating a network for yourself. Being able to connect with staff and students, creating relationships with them, makes work not feel like it's a job.

Do you have any advice for new students who may be considering working on campus while studying at George Brown?

EG: My advice is to not overwork yourself. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with school and work all together. College employers understand what you are going through and will be on your side to help you succeed.