Smoke–free policy now in effect on campus

We're pleased to announce that as of Monday, August 20, 2018, George Brown College is a smoke-free environment.  

This means that smoking or vaping tobacco or cannabis substances is now prohibited at all campus locations. Those who wish to smoke must do so off campus and at least nine metres away from any college entrance. This step is an important part of our Healthy Campus initiative

Students who smoke and would like to quit can contact our Student Life team for resources and support at envelope

Want more information? Read our smoke-free policy at

Smoke-Free Campus FAQs 

Q. Can I smoke on sidewalks in front of campus buildings?  

A. Yes, this is city property and not part of the college. But please note that smoking within nine metres of any college entrance is prohibited. 

Q. What do I do if I see someone smoking on campus? 

A: You can remind that person (in a non-confrontational way) about the smoke-free policy, if you feel comfortable doing that, or you can contact campus security.  

Q. Can I smoke in my car if it's parked on college property? 

A. No. Tobacco use and smoking are not permitted inside or outside of vehicles while parked on college property.  

Q. What about people who leave campus at night to smoke? Are security measures in place for their safety?  

A. People leave campus for many reasons. The security measures currently in place (patrols, cameras, etc.) remain standard. 

Q. How will this policy be enforced? 

A. As stated in the policy, “Within the scope of their responsibilities, administrators and campus security have a general duty to ensure compliance with this policy.” 

Q. To whom does this policy apply? 

A. Everyone on college property. 

Q. Does the policy include Indigenous traditional and sacred medicines? 

A. George Brown College acknowledges the traditional burning of substances that form a part of Aboriginal culture and heritage. Exemptions will be granted under the college policy: "Aboriginal use of Traditional Medicines" to ensure that the use of such substances is done in the safest possible and most respectful manner. 

Q. How will you let students know about this policy? 

A. Students and employees have been notified about the policy via email and social media. The policy is also posted at