OSAP is changing – what does this mean for you?

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) has recently made some big changes to make the financial aid process much easier. So what do these changes mean for you?


Starting in August 2017, George Brown College will be taking part in a pilot project that provides a net cost view through your STU-VIEW account.

Net cost view: Consolidates information to make it easier for you to understand the amount of OSAP aid you will receive, as well as other educational cost information. It aims to help you clearly understand the out-of-pocket expenses of attending George Brown.  The net cost view will show your educational costs (tuition, compulsory fees, etc.) payable to the college, alongside OSAP funding (grants, loans), and other institutional aid you may receive (awards, scholarships, bursaries) that will be applied to your student account.


It’s true – OSAP is offering free tuition for students who meet eligibility requirements, but let’s take a closer look at what that actually means.

Free Tuition: This new program will provide eligible students with enough grants (money you don’t have to pay back) to cover the cost of tuition alone; it does not include compulsory fees or material fees.  You can visit the OSAP Aid Estimator Open New Browser Window to see if you may be eligible for free tuition.

Compulsory Fees: Tuition is a big part of the cost of going to college, but it’s not the only cost that you are responsible for. There are also compulsory college fees (enhanced technology, athletics, student association fees etc.) and course related material fees (textbooks, uniforms etc.).

For those students who don’t qualify for free tuition – don’t panic! OSAP is made up of grants and loans (funding you have to pay back) that you may be eligible for. And don’t forget, there are also student awards and scholarships offered through George Brown.


We understand that the financial assistance process can be stressful but these changes are designed to make the process easier. There are still more changes to come, and we’ll keep you up-to-date as they happen. The OSAP website Open New Browser Window is a great resource, as is our own Financial Assistance office.