Developing a new sizing model for ‘men of modest height’: A road towards fashion inclusiveness.

Mannequin with pins on it

Inclusion is not just about equal rights and mutual respect, it touches upon every single part of everyday life. Henry Navarro and Osmud Rahman, professors at the Ryerson University School of Fashion, pointed out that men's fashion has been overlooked as the current fit models ignore a third of male population that are 5'8 and shorter. They coined a term 'men of modest height' and are working towards developing a new proportional sizing system. Our very own Director of George Brown's Fashion Exchange, Marilyn McNeil-Morin, participated in the Men's Height Inclusion Panel, and is strongly advocating for a different fit model that will be a true representation of the male population: "People come here from all over the world, and we need wider diversity in size ranges as a result."

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