New wireless smartphone chargers at St. James and Waterfront

ChargeSpot sign in cafeteria

Students now have another way to power up their smartphones on campus with 50 new wireless charging stations in common areas across the college, thanks to a Library Learning Commons (LLC) initiative.

“The ChargeSpot solution is perhaps the most innovative of the recharge solutions that we are currently offering on campus, one that appears to be resonating with students," said John Hardy, George Brown College's Director of Educational Resources. 

The new ChargeSpot stations were installed in September 2015 at St. James and Waterfront Campuses as part of the LLC pilot project. The devices look like hockey pucks and are mounted on the underside of a table. A decal is visible on the surface so students know where to rest their phones.

"For smartphones with built-in wireless receivers, just place your phone down on top of the ChargeSpot, right on top of the decal, and your phone starts charging," said Leo Rubini, Business Development Manager at ChargeSpot.

Many Samsung, Google, LG and Motorola devices are compatible with ChargeSpot wireless charging. Other phones, notably the iPhone, currently are not. (Find out which models are compatible with ChargeSpot stations Open New Browser Window)

Users with phones that aren’t compatible with the new charging stations can borrow an adapter called Spark that gets plugged into the bottom of the device. The Spark is then placed on top of the charging station.

ChargeSpot Spark adapter with LLC logo

The Spark adapters are available to students at no cost at the LLC and need to be returned after use.

Students can find the new charging stations at the following locations:

  • 341 King St. E., outside the LLC
  • St. James Campus cafeteria
  • Waterfront Campus LLC reference tables
  • Waterfront Campus LLC in two group project rooms