Education That Works: learn more about our new marketing campaign


Have you seen our new ads? 

This fall we launched a new marketing campaign called Education That Works—an energetic series of messages available online, splashed on billboards and buses around the Greater Toronto Area and coming soon to Video-on-Demand TV. 

We’re particularly excited about this campaign because it highlights the diverse range of programs and hands-on learning opportunities we offer. And best of all, these ads feature real George Brown students and employees. 

"We worked on a very short timeline to bring this campaign to life, and it was a great collaboration from inside and outside of the college to get us to this point," says Andrew Zalvin, Director, Marketing and Recruitment at George Brown. "The new campaign signals a change in the way we position the college by focusing on the educational experience, not just the outcome of landing a job." 

This campaign was developed thanks in part to research our marketing team did with prospective students over the summer of 2019. Thanks to their input, we made sure to showcase the real-life considerations that come into play when people are deciding to apply for college. 

“This campaign is much more heavily focused on digital and social media,” Zalvin says. “The advertising needs to work on a small screen as well as a laptop. It needs to work with audio and without. We’ve embraced digital and mobile much more aggressively than we have in the past.” 

Check out the Education That Works campaign page to learn more.