How can student awards help me save for college?


College can be expensive, and even with financial aid, it’s always nice to have a little bit extra available for a rainy day, or a textbook you didn’t know you needed. At George Brown College, students can apply for awards to receive additional financial support. To help you better understand the process, we reached out to Bianca Novielli, Manager of Awards, Scholarships & Financial Aid for advice.

  1. What is the average that the college gave out in awards/scholarships to eligible students last year?
    BN: Based on the figures from the 2017-2018 academic year, $7.6 million was awarded to approximately 6,300 students last year.

  2. What's the difference between scholarships, bursaries, and awards?
    BN: Award: A generic term that describes an item of monetary or other value that may be presented to a person or persons based upon specific criteria and administered by the Awards Office.
    Bursaries are monetary awards allocated to a student on the basis of proven financial need. Recipients must be in good academic standing. Scholarships are awards that recognize exceptional talent/promise of academic excellence in a course or program which is sometimes combined with non-academic criteria (ex: community service, leadership in the field etc.), as well as financial need.

  3. Do students need to fill out an application for each award they see in their STU-VIEW account? Or is it one application applies to all available awards?
    BN: Students are required to complete a student profile. By completing the profile, you are applying for both college-wide and divisional awards. There’s no need to select each award individually for these categories.

  4. Are awards entirely needs-based? Do they also take into account things like extracurriculars or community involvement?
    BN: Not all awards are entirely needs-based. Some awards are based on merit while others recognize community service, leadership within their field, etc. Sometimes it can be a combination of both academic excellence and financial need as well.

  5. Can students get help with the application if they need it?
    BN: Yes. The Awards Office and the PeerConnect Centre have been working together to ensure that students have support completing their application should they need it. Students may visit a PeerConnect Office at any GBC campus for assistance with the application. They also have the option of visiting the Awards Office for assistance as well.

  6. What is the best time of year to be applying for awards/scholarships? 
    BN: The majority of awards are disbursed within the Fall and Winter semesters, so the best time to apply would be either September or January depending on when a student is enrolled.