George Brown College strengthens relationship with University of the West Indies


George Brown College has strengthened its relationship with the University of the West Indies Open New Browser Window (UWI) by expanding a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was originally signed in 2010. The updated agreement expands three key areas of collaboration between the two institutions.

The recently signed agreement now includes:

  • UWI sharing its expertise in the development and delivery of online programs with George Brown
  • exchanging of faculty members and students between the two institutions, collaborating on joint programs and curricula development
  • expanding education abroad through internships, electives, courses sharing, and practicums spanning across all academic divisions

Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal of the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies Dr. Luz Longsworth and George Brown’s Vice-President of Strategy and Innovation Dr. Rick Huijbregts signed the updated MOU on April 10, 2019. The term of the agreement is three years with the option for renewal every three years.

Longsworth heads the Open Campus, which is the online and distance education campus of the UWI and is predominantly its continuing education and outreach arm. She says this new MOU will expand the number of international opportunities for students and faculty.

Prior to this updated MOU, George Brown College and the University of the West Indies had a long-standing agreement that involved a study abroad program with the Early Childhood program to Jamaica.

“It also opens up the relationship to multiple countries that are a part of the University of West Indies family. The Open Campus has a physical presence in 16 countries in the English-speaking Caribbean and while many of the former relationships which are still ongoing may have been with one campus on one island, this relationship with the Open campus opens the possibilities to colleagues and students of George Brown College to have experiential learning in the wider Caribbean,” says Longsworth.

Dean of the George Brown's Centre for Business, Dr. Ian Austin, held a number of senior leadership positions at the University of the West Indies, including Deputy Director for Continuing and Professional Education. He was also one of the architects in solidifying and bringing this updated agreement to fruition.

“We are focusing on some very specific outcomes," Austin says. "We are looking for example at building the institutional capacity of George Brown to deliver more online education and to have our individual faculty develop and expand their own personal capabilities to deliver online education and using the expertise of the Open Campus to assist in this regard.”