George Brown College's new programs for fall 2017

We’re launching five new programs in September 2017, including an Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Culinary Management) degree and a Sustainable Fashion Production graduate certificate.

Our new degree, diploma and certificate programs are being offered at our Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology and Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology

School of Fashion Studies

Apparel Technical Design (one year, graduate certificate)

This program trains students for careers in the apparel industry, translating designs into products that can be manufactured. Technical designers work with fashion design teams and manufacturing staff to develop and monitor technical standards and specifications for garments.

Sustainable Fashion Production (one year, graduate certificate)
This program prepares students to manage the production of small batch apparel products. Students learn to analyze environmental impacts and ethical practices to make optimum sustainable product development and manufacturing decisions.

School of Media and Performing Arts 

Sound Design (one year, graduate certificate)
Do you dream of telling stories with sound? Learn how to design and create soundscapes for film, television and game industries. Students learn how to record real environment sounds as well as foley creation. Students also learn mixing, video game audio, dialogue editing, sound design and recording to recreate sound.

Video Design and Production (two-year diploma)
Do you want to bring stories to life on screens big and small? Video designers work on multiple platforms, including film, television and interaction storytelling. Students will develop skills needed in this emerging field by merging traditional filmmaking techniques with new mediums.

Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Chef School

Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Culinary Management (four-year honours degree)
In this program, students develop the kitchen skills and business acumen needed to survive and thrive in the ever-changing food and beverage industry.

This degree program prepares graduates for the kitchen, operations management or food management positions.

Do you want to study at George Brown this fall? It's not too late. Check out our list of open programs for September 2017.