Federal funds push George Brown social innovation research projects forward

George Brown faculty and students will research topics affecting recent immigrants, youth impacted by human trafficking and marginalized people after receiving more than half a million dollars from the Government of Canada. 

Federal Science and Sport Minister Kirsty Duncan on November 6 announced the funding for George Brown projects totalling $588,303. The funds come from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Open New Browser Window (NSERC) and the College and Community Social Innovation Fund Open New Browser Window (CCSIF). 

Our faculty will be leading the following projects: 

  • developing a training solution to integrate newcomers into the Canadian workforce (Dr. Robin Yap, professor, Centre for Business

  • generating evidence-based insight into how to help youth impacted by human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Ontario (Melissa Teles, professor, Centre for Community Services and Early Childhood)

  • creating an innovative community-based model of transformational education that empowers, motivates and re-engages people who have been marginalized (Dr. Jaswant Bajwa, professor, Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies

George Brown researchers will be working with community partners to put their plans into action, including CultureLinkOpen New Browser Window Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre, Open New Browser Window and Housing and Homeless Service at St. Stephen’s Community House. Open New Browser Window 

“At George Brown, our social innovation research is guided by the needs of the public and our partners,” said Dr. Krista Holmes, George Brown’s Director of Research and Innovation.  

“We view the community as a natural extension of the classroom: we engage students, researchers and partner organizations as essential stakeholders in our social innovation projects that contribute to the creation of a successful workforce and a thriving economy, locally and nationally. This funding enables our researchers to address and resolve challenges faced by our communities.” 

Learn more about research projects and opportunities at gbcresearch.ca Open New Browser Window