Current students explain how they chose their program


Choosing a college program is a big deal. We asked our resident experts—our students—how they made their decision. We threw the question out on Instagram asking for #NuggetsofWisdom (there may or may not have been pictures of chicken nuggets), and they delivered!

We got some great advice and some things we wouldn’t necessarily recommend — we’re looking at you, rock, paper, scissors players. After going through the results, there were common themes we hope will help you as you make your decision. Here we go:

  1. Research: Many students said they spent a lot of time researching their programs and George Brown as a whole. They looked into things like work experience and the career benefits of different programs. 

  2. Location: Campuses located in downtown Toronto is definitely an advantage and our students tended to agree. You’ll be close to the industries you want to work in, plus, there’s always something fun happening in the city.

  3. Recommendations: Whether it was former teachers, parents, aunts, co-workers, or even a grandpa who used to work at George Brown, we seem to come highly recommended! It can be helpful to talk to others when making this decision. Whether they’ve gone to George Brown or another school, or have taken your program, another person’s insight can help you decide.

  4. Real-world experience: It’s no secret that work experience is valuable and sought after by employers. That’s why a lot of students said they looked for programs that offered work integrated learning experience.

  5. Passion: This one’s a no-brainer—following your passion and studying something you love is a smart decision. We had students who loved baking, architecture, design and more say that going to college allowed them to pursue their dreams. Follow us on Instagram, @gbcollegeOpen New Browser Window and view our saved Program Choice story to see all the great advice on offer. And don’t forget, we also offer free Entry Advising if you need it.