The Current Students and Student Life sections of the website are changing

Some big changes are coming to the Current Students and Student Life sections of the website at the end of the month. In response to research received through focus groups with students over the last year, extensive improvements are coming to the page's interface, we are prioritizing the information students told us matters most to them and we've altered some of the language we use to better communicate the services and tools in terms they understand.

What's changing:

  • We're merging the Current Students and Student Life sections of the website so that resources and information for Current Students can be found in one consolidated place on the website.
  • We're introducing new shortcuts to frequently used student tools (email, Blackboard, and STU-View).
  • We're introducing a dynamic index of Important Dates.  
  • We're reorganizing and relabelling some pages within the Current Student pages to make the information structure of the section easier to understand and use. 
  • We're introducing a new keyword search tool within the main Current Students page to make finding information and services easier and quicker.
  • We're making the pathways to related websites (such as the Library (LLC), Student Association, and Athletics & Recreation) more prominent.

These changes will be rolling out over the summer and fall of 2017.

We wish to thank all the students who participated in our research studies over the last year, and those who volunteered for the recent photo shoots to create new imagery for these pages.

Should you have any feedback on the website updates we'd like to hear from you!
Please contact us at