Cannabis international travel rules still apply under new pot law

While there are big changes happening across the country with cannabis legalization, some old rules still apply that are important for students to keep in mind for international travel. 

If you’re an international student planning a trip home or a student heading outside of Canada on holiday, don’t take cannabis products with you on your travels. Cannabis is legal for those 19 years of age and older in Ontario Open New Browser Window. Transporting cannabis products across Canada’s international borders is still illegal and can result in serious criminal penalties in Canada and abroad, including countries where pot is legalized or decriminalized. 

It’s also still illegal to take cannabis used for medical purposes across the border. 

If you’re entering Canada with cannabis products, “travellers who do have cannabis or products containing cannabis with them must declare them to the Canada Border Services Agency,” Global Affairs Canada advises. “If they do not, they can face enforcement action, including arrest and prosecution.” 

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George Brown College policy and resources 

It may now be legal under federal law to consume cannabis but smoking and vaping is prohibited at all George Brown College campuses and locations. Learn more about George Brown's Smoke-Free policy and our commitment to student safety and harm reduction on campus at