Joey Restaurant Group donates $160K to George Brown College

Joey's donation presentation photo

Photo from left to right: Rupert Martin, Layne Krienke, Cindy Gouveia, Lorraine Trotter, Anne Sado, Katherine Angus and Al Jessa.

A $160,000 gift, and increased learning opportunities for George Brown students, are part of a newly enhanced partnership between Joey Restaurant Group and George Brown College’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (CHCA).

The generous donation provided by Joey Restaurant Group will go towards program and facility enhancements, supporting the CHCA expansion at 300 Adelaide Street E. The gift will be provided to CHCA over four years, along with new hands-on learning opportunities for culinary and hospitality students.

“Real-world examples of life in the industry are vital for our students,” says Lorraine Trotter, Dean, Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts. “Career information sessions and restaurant tours provided by Joey Restaurant Group enable our students to understand how their education directly relates to their intended careers and the kind of commitment that is necessary. The opportunity to ask questions directly to those working in the field is important for our students’ growth and success. We are very grateful to Joey Restaurants and Local Public Eatery for their continued engagement and support.”

Since 2013, Joey Restaurant Group has been supporting George Brown students enrolled in programs at CHCA through scholarships, paid externships and employment opportunities to support future talent in the restaurant sector. The expansion of our relationship with George Brown allows this partnership to grow. We are working together to provide greater opportunities for students to develop,” says Rupert Martin, Vice-President of Culinary Operations East, Joey Restaurant Group. “We are thrilled to partner with George Brown faculty and staff, as they truly believe in teaching their students those important, hands-on skills that we find most valuable in the staff we hire.”

Martin presented the cheque to Anne Sado, President of George Brown College, Trotter, Christine Walker, Chef School Chair, and Cindy Gouveia, President of the George Brown College Foundation, at Joey Eaton Centre. Also in attendance at the event were, Al Jessa, President of Joey Restaurant Group, Katherine Angus, CFO of Joey Restaurant Group, Layne Krienke, COO of Joey Restaurant Group and many other chefs and staff from Joey Restaurants and Local Public Eatery.

“This partnership simultaneously celebrates Joey Restaurant Group's 25th anniversary, George Brown College’s 50th anniversary and Canada’s 150th anniversary,” says Gouveia. “Joey Restaurant Group is a top-tier partner that is investing in the growth of Canada’s talent in the culinary industry. We are excited about the potential of this expanded partnership with Joey Restaurants and Local Public Eatery.”

Throughout the year Joey Restaurant Group will continue to host other fundraising events that support the students and community connected with George Brown College. Their commitment to helping students succeed is highlighted by their actions to increase the Joey Restaurant Group's Endowment Fund. “George Brown’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts could not be more thrilled to partner with such an outstanding group,” says Trotter.