ventureLAB Hardware Catalyst Initiative

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By Neal Lilliott

Application now open for the ventureLAB Hardware Catalyst Initiative - Application deadline June 14, 2024

This free competitive program is designed to accelerate your tech hardware startup and propel your product.

Dedicated to supporting Canadian silicon and hardware companies for up to 24 months, the Hardware Catalyst Initiative provides a comprehensive advisory program to accelerate commercialization at scale through initiatives focused on: customer acquisition, product development from proof-of-concept to manufacturing, building strong IP, and acquiring and retaining talent. We understand that hardware founders experience unique challenges in commercializing their products, such as limited capital, long lead times and limited technical expertise. With this in mind, ventureLAB’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative is a competitive program that is offered at no cost and with no equity requirement to eligible companies.

Participating companies will be able to access our world-class $11M Hardware Lab & a free workspace with up to 2 badges per company, a global network of partners, dedicated in-house advisors to support founders building hardware and semiconductor-focused products — including healthcare technology, connected transportation and automobility, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and more.

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