Meet your student social media ambassadors!

Hand holding phone with TikTok app displayed

Meet your George Brown College student social media ambassadors for the 2022 Winter semester! They star in our TikTok videos, develop content, and foster strong and supportive communities on all our channels.  

Arantxa Barazarte, Carlos Gonzales, Daniela (Danna) Gretty, Rayne Inniss, Jason (Jayquion) Mitchell and Angelina Starkova are the faces of #MyGBC college life — engaging current students and giving future students an idea of what it’s like to be a part of Husky Nation. The ambassadors also analyze social media data to understand the impact of their work.  

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Arantxa Barazarte

Arantxa Barazarte

Arantxa is an international student from Venezuela in the Business - Human Resources program. She comes to George Brown “with a lot of desire to improve as a professional and as a person, and to reach my goal of earning a human resources diploma to complement my career in law.” She studied international aeronautical law in Venezuela.  

“I think studying at GBC will provide me with the knowledge and the necessary experience to have my dream job," she says. “Moreover, being involved with the college community will allow me to have different perspectives and meet more people, and to be able to provide all the knowledge and help that I can to other students.” 

Carlos Gonzales

Carlos Gonzales

Carlos is an international student from Oruro, Bolivia. He moved to Canada to continue his studies at George Brown College in the Strategic Relationship Marketing program.  

Carlos was president of the student association for two years at the Universidad Catolica Boliviana when he was a student there.  

He has also had the opportunity to be trained by the BlueBay hotel chain in Mexico in hotel management, and received training from Forbes Travel Guide and AAA in the management of luxury hotels. Now, he will be part of the George Brown College international and social media ambassador programs, to share his experiences, motivate his colleagues, and to fulfill his life goals. 

Daniela (Danna) Gretty

Daniela (Danna) Gretty

Daniela, or Danna as she prefers to be called, is an international student originally from Quito, Ecuador in the Strategic Relationship Marketing program. She's a member of the Student Association of George Brown College. 

She is also a volunteer community manager for a digital community project called “Casta Latina”—a YouTube channel that offers weekly interviews to promote the exposure of the Latino community in Toronto. 

"I look forward to getting better involved and interacting with the #MYGBC community as a social media ambassador,” she says.  

Rayne Inniss

Social media ambassador Rayne Inniss

Rayne is an international student from Barbados in the Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Culinary Management) program.  

After graduation, she hopes to work in the corporate side of the restaurant industry before starting her own venture someday. Apart from the culinary arts and business, she also has a passion for dance and has been dancing since the age of four.  

“Social media is something I’m constantly checking throughout the day, and I truly love this college and our community,” Rayne says. “I can’t wait to create content and interact with you guys more! I am beyond excited to see what this academic year brings.” 

Jason (Jayquion) Mitchell 

Social media ambassador Jason Mitchell

Jason, who also goes by Jayquion, is currently in his second year of the Hotel Management Operations program. He was born and raised in Ottawa and is proud of his Jamaican heritage. 

“Two years ago, I packed up all my things, moved to Toronto to follow my dreams of attending my dream school and becoming a brand ambassador and now, here I am,” he says. 

Jason loves to travel and has a background in performance.  

You can find Jason on Instagram @jayquion123. “I follow back 😊" 

Angelina Starkova

Angelina Starkova

Angelina is an international student from Belarus in the Digital Media Marketing program.  

Before enrolling in her current program, she earned a degree in economics and was involved in the startup community in Belarus. Her growing interest in digital marketing led her to George Brown. 

“After college, I would really like to work in a creative marketing agency,” she says. 

“I am very excited that now as a social media ambassador I will be able to create content for my beloved college and be even more involved in its community.”