Work Shift podcast: Find out what makes user experience design a great career choice

Do you love to problem-solve? Are you interested in how we interact with technology and finding the patterns in that behaviour? A career in user experience (UX) design might be for you. 

Creating seamless and smooth online experiences — from banking to grocery shopping to taking a class — are more important than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. UX designers, the professionals who research, plan and map out how people move through online systems, are in high demand in a range of industries such as financial technology, retail and more. 

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On the latest episode of the Work Shift podcast, we talk to three Toronto-based design professionals about what you can expect from a career in UX design. Xavier Masse and Dr. Ana Rita Morais from George Brown College's School of Design, and Peter Sicard, Co-Founder and Partner of Toronto design firm TuesdayAfternoon Media, explain why it’s a great choice for the young design school grad as well as the mid-career professional looking to make a shift.