George Brown proud to be part of a new campaign promoting Canadian polytechnic education and the rewards of hands-on learning 

The world is what we make it. Purpose, Applied. Polytechnics Canada

George Brown College helps you develop the relevant skills and provides the real-world learning experiences you need to hit the ground running in the workforce. We’re a proud polytechnic institution, and new research shows that Canadian employers recognize the importance of the hands-on education we provide. 

Polytechnics Canada, along with 11 leading polytechnic institutions across the country – including us! - have launched the “Purpose, Applied” campaign. Our goal is to promote the benefits of technical and applied education for both students and for industry. 

Polytechnics are post-secondary institutions, like George Brown, that offer programs with hands-on learning opportunities. We are industry responsive and include real-world experience in our curriculum. 

“We understand the needs of employers and we work closely with industry on program development, applied research and work-integrated learning opportunities. We see first-hand how students and industry benefit from applied learning and industry expert teaching every day,” said Dr. Gervan Fearon, President, George Brown College. “We are excited to be part of a campaign aimed at showcasing how polytechnic institutions like George Brown are fueling innovation, preparing graduates for success in the workforce and contributing to economic growth.”   

Research shows employers value hands-on education 

The campaign includes the results of a nationwide survey of 600 hiring managers asked about their perceptions of a polytechnic education. The results include the following: 

  • 90 per cent of employers who had hired a polytechnic graduate believed they had made a good choice 
  • More than half of employers feel that a polytechnic education produces graduates who are the most job/career-ready 
  • Two-thirds of employers said they actively seek out polytechnic graduates when hiring 

“The laser focus of our members on industry-relevant education is what sets polytechnics apart,” said Sarah Watts-Rynard, CEO, Polytechnics Canada. “In any given program, they find ways to build in tangible workplace experience. Students participate in employer-driven challenges and projects, go out for work placements and co-ops, and build hands-on experience in cutting-edge labs and workshops. That intense focus on applying new skills is why more than 85 per cent of graduates are working in their field of study within six months of graduation.”