George Brown faculty members say online learning leads to strong connections with students

George Brown College faculty say online learning leads to stronger connections with students and helps them put more of a personal touch on their classes.  

Paula Greaves, a faculty member at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, says the online format allows her to interact with more students. She says it also helps her “whole personality come through” in class and that teaching from behind the screen makes her feel safe to “be me.” 

“In an online setting, I found that I got to know 90 per cent of my students because I see their names, whether they’re speaking with their camera on or off, or putting something in the chat box,” she says.  

"We have a lot of fun in the (virtual) classroom. I use props and musical instruments. I play music before class and in the breaks to the point that some of them have been asking for playlists. Who knew!”  

Students also say online learning leads to easier connections and ways to participate in class. Find out more at 

Convenience and connection 

Sarika Narinesingh teaches English Skills and College English at the Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies. She says the remote format provides improved communication with her students. 

“I actually feel like I’ve connected more with students online simply due to the convenience,” she says. 

Teaching online means she quickly and easily video chats with students who have questions. She also notes the benefits of remote learning for students include time and money saved on commuting. 

“But there are also other types of convenience,” she says. “If a student’s (internet) connection isn’t the strongest or for whatever reason they have to miss class, unlike in the physical classroom, we can record our lessons online so they can easily watch and view all of our class meetings.” 

Virtual student support is in place to help 

Joyce Manu, a professor at the Centre for Business, assures students that instructors are aware of the extraordinary circumstances and how that affects learning. 

“The professors are aware that this is a huge jump for students, taking all courses online. We recognize this and therefore find ways to support the students in any way possible,” she says. 

On top of the support students receive from their instructors, you can expect a wide range of other virtual support, from counselling to tutoring to student events. 

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Students also say online learning leads to easier connections and ways to participate in class. Find out more at