COVID-19 vaccine information

A woman getting a bandage after a vaccination

Members of the George Brown College community can do their part to curb the spread of COVID-19 by following public health guidance and getting vaccinated.

“With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, our learning community has a shared responsibility to support evidence-based public health prevention and protection measures, including vaccinations, masking, handwashing, and physical distancing," said Wendy Ellis, Chair, Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing. “Let’s be thoughtful and work every day to take care of ourselves, each other and our community.”

where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine

Ontarians 12 years of age and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. You can book an appointment at   

More information about vaccine distribution is available through your local public health unit. For most members of the college community, the health units include:

“While our first priority is the vaccination of employees working on campus, we are equally anxious to have all of the George Brown community vaccinated as soon as possible," George Brown President Anne Sado said.

We encourage you to use online tools to book yourself a vaccination appointment and to help friends, family and community members book their vaccination appointments as soon as they’re eligible. The City of Toronto has partnered with the volunteer group Vaccine Hunters Canada, "to assist Toronto residents in identifying available appointments at City-run immunization clinics."

Ellis urges everyone to get the vaccine as soon as they can get an appointment.

“Take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as you can to protect yourself and your community members," she said. "Although you may be working or learning remotely, you’re potentially interacting with those still at risk and vulnerable. Let’s slow the spread” 


Faculty members from the School of Nursing are working in vaccination clinics and, practice settings in their off-college hours and assisting with contact tracing, Ellis said.

And efforts are underway to secure front-line placement opportunities for students.

“We are actively recruiting across all sectors, including hospitals, long-term care, and the community for clinical placement opportunities that could include vaccination clinics,” Ellis said.  
She adds that the effort to fight COVID-19 extends across the entire college community.

“Let’s get vaccinated and continue handwashing, staying physically distanced and wearing our masks," she said. "By working together, we can overcome this crisis."

Learn more about George Brown's COVID-19 response at


Several trusted online resources provide information about the COVID-19 vaccines. They include:  

Webinars and presentations on vaccine safety 

Toronto Public Health hosts vaccine town halls. You can find information on upcoming sessions or view past presentations on the City of Toronto’s Benefits of Getting Vaccinated web page.