The Helderleigh Foundation Teams with George Brown to Advance Toronto Nutrition Literacy

George Brown College and The Helderleigh Foundation have expanded on their previous partnership to address food and nutrition literacy. To date, The Helderleigh Foundation has committed over $1.3 million in funding support to George Brown College food and nutrition literacy-oriented programs.

This new partnership thrust, representing $296,000 over the next two years, enables the following:

Centre of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

  • Development and launch of a Food Literacy Certificate
  • Nutrition Leadership Student Competition scholarship
  • Continued CHCA Faculty Professional Development
  • CHCA Chefs and Dieticians Faculty Research Project
  • CHCA Best Practices in Family initiative
  • A third highly-acclaimed Ambition Nutrition Symposium

School of Early Childhood Education (ECE)

  • Food Literacy Certificate ECE Module
  • ECE Fall Conference
  • ECE Food Literacy in Early Years
  • ECE’s enhancement of its digital and social media outreach

The Helderleigh Foundation has pledged a total of $50,000 to the Nutrition Leadership Student Competition program in 2019 and 2020. Open to full-time CHCA students, the goals of this competition are:

  • to build nutrition awareness and engagement among students and faculty
  • to provide recognition for a wide variety of nutrition-focused research, volunteer activities and events
  • to sensitize emerging nutrition students to related career paths and industry opportunities

Students applying for the award are also required to write a career plan outlining goals and outcomes specific to the field of health and nutrition. Each award recipient will receive $5,000.

The Helderleigh Foundation’s latest partnership with George Brown College is testament to the success of the numerous food literacy initiatives both institutions have partnered on over the past half a decade. The College and The Helderleigh Foundation expect that this success will continue with this new pledge, to the benefit of the College, its students, and the wider community.