Students share their favourite summer spots on and around campus

We know we’re pretty lucky with our campus locations in Toronto. No matter which campus you attend, you’re surrounded by vibrant and energetic neighbourhoods. This energy seems to be amplified once the nice weather hits. With that in mind, we asked our current students for their #nuggetsofwisdom about what their favourite summer spots are around campus. We noticed some common themes in the responses. You can check them out below:

  1. Views from the Waterfront Campus library – you don’t even have to leave campus to take in the stunning views of Toronto’s waterfront from the library.
  2. Sugar Beach – a great spot near Waterfront where you can relax after class or even between classes (it’s that close!).
  3. St. James Patio – another popular spot to chill out between classes on a sunny day.
  4. Casa Loma – a hit with tourists and locals alike, Casa Loma should be on your Toronto bucket list.

Check out the "Campus Spots" highlight on our Instagram to see all of the answers. Our Instagram is a great place to see what it's like to be a student at George Brown—it's where we share photos of what’s going on around each of our campuses, as well as showcase student photography.