Postgrad marketing student came to George Brown for hands–on experience

After earning a degree from a southern Ontario university, Anja Moore-Heighington knew she needed to gain some hands-on experience in order to launch a marketing career.

She honed in on schools in the Toronto area and decided on George Brown College's Digital Media Marketing Postgraduate program. By the end of her second semester in April 2015, she had work placement experience under her belt and had collaborated with classmates on group projects meant to mirror real-work situations.

"In university I wrote papers about these kinds of things and now I'm participating in creating social media campaigns," she said.

Hands-on Experience

Moore-Heighington completed her work placement in George Brown's marketing and communications department, where she worked on mock website design, content writing and email and search engine marketing (SEM) projects, and developed social media campaigns—including one for the college's annual Mental Health Conference.

A large portion of her one-year postgrad program is online, which she says has enabled her to fine-tune her organization and time management skills. She said students in her program must be "motivated" with a keen interest in the "social aspects of technology."

Blending Personal and Professional Projects

Moore-Heighington is open-minded about what the future may hold for her career-wise, but ultimately, she said she'd love to work in social media marketing for a non-profit organization.

When asked about her favourite online platform, Moore-Heighington singled out Instagram. She also uses WordPress to publish her blog, Adulthood and Other Matters: A Survival Guide for Your Twenties. She describes her blog as "relaxed" and reflective of her personal interests, but she also views it as a way to promote herself professionally. 

"[It's important] to have a strong online presence and you can show people that you can write content and stay organized and stick to a schedule," she explained. "You can pull stats to see how many readers and how much engagement you have—that's really important."