Online Orientation sets new students up for success

What are the important things I need to do before classes start? How do I get a locker? Where do I register for classes? What supports are available to me on campus? How can I meet and connect with other students?

Are you a new student getting ready to start your program? Feeling nervous? Our Online Orientation can help ease some of those nerves. When you sign in, we’re going to welcome you to the college, give you the lay of the land and show you all the ways our faculty, staff and current students are going to support you. This online tool is available to students starting their first semester in January 2020.

You can access our Online Orientation by signing into Blackboard with your George Brown username and password.

Get to know George Brown College

A new school, new program and new environment means a lot of information. Our Online Orientation will help break it all down. It’s split up into six modules that you can finish at your pace.

  1. Welcome to the George Brown fam! Learn about the college’s mission and values.
  2. Get a head start! Run through a checklist of things you can do before the start of school, including registering for a locker, registering for your classes, booking placement tests and more.
  3. Find out what supports are available to you on campus, and if required, register early to set up academic accommodation plans.
  4. Discover all the ways you can connect with other people on campus, through Student Life initiatives, the Student Association, clubs and athletics.
  5. Get to know all the ways the college supports your health and well-being through peer mentoring, counselling and through diversity and equity services.
  6. Take note of important contact numbers, how to’s, and web apps available for students.

In-person orientation is important too!

We also offer new-student orientation sessions ahead of every new term. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to meet your classmates, faculty and staff. It’s also a great opportunity to check out your campus.

Registration dates will be posted at