Listen now! George Brown College’s podcast, Work Shift, explores the future of work

There’s a lot of talk about how digital disruption, automation, artificial intelligence and climate change will shape our future. Are you wondering how they’ll affect your career? Want to get a glimpse of what awaits you in the working world?

Check out George Brown College’s podcast Work Shift. Hosts Shawne McKeown and Ray Harripaul explore topics around the future of work in a range of industries through conversations with industry leaders, academics and working professionals.

At the end of each episode, our hosts take a look at the Future Want Ads—where guests outline a job they think should exist in the future.

Listen to the Work Shift trailer:

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Episode overview 

The first episodes of Work Shift cover a range of topics including:

  • A big-picture look at how new trends and tech are revolutionizing how we work
  • Disruption and changes in the health care and financial services industries
  • How to adapt and thrive when big changes take place at work
  • The climate crisis and how it will affect the economy and future jobs
  • Changes in the post-secondary sector to meet new demands of the workforce

We’re also talking about why soft skills, also known as human skills or people skills, are more important than ever and why they’re key to professional success. And we’re taking a look at how students can gain professional experience while in school through work integrated learning (WIL).

Stay tuned for more great conversations about changes expected in our world of work.

George Brown College’s Strategy 2022, Vision 2030

Work Shift explores themes outlined in our vision for the short and long-term future of the college. Learn more about our plans at