George Brown planning Tall Wood Building at Waterfront Campus

We're expanding our Waterfront Campus with a carbon-neutral wood building called The Arbour. It will be the first Tall Wood Building used for institutional purposes in Ontario.

The planned 12-storey structure will produce the same amount of energy, or more than, it consumes. It will also provide students with research and learning opportunities in climate-friendly building practices during the construction process and once it's complete.

The Arbour is part of our plan to create a low-carbon campus. This fall we're launching an international design competition to select the firm to complete the project.

Building features

The Arbour will be located across the street from our LEED gold certified Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences and will provide the following features and services:

  • Research facilities for climate-friendly building practices
  • Our School of Computer Technology to support and complement the City of Toronto's Smart City Initiative
  • A new child care facility – our 13th in Toronto

We'll also be developing Canada's first Tall Wood Research Institute to share our experience, ideas and research in low-carbon, mass timber construction.

Flexible and future proof

The Arbour will be equipped with smart building systems that are networked, intelligent and adaptable. The building will also be designed to adjust to changing academic uses and a changing climate.

“This distinctive new location will help us contribute to the mitigation of climate change and environmental sustainability while supporting our continued intention to create campus environments that are innovative, creative and stimulating for student learning,” said George Brown College President Anne Sado.