George Brown College to help establish applied research hubs in Kenya

George Brown College is venturing into new and exciting territory by sharing research and innovation expertise with international partners in 2020.

We’ve received $60,000 in funding from CICAN (Colleges and Institutes Canada) to deliver toolkits and workshops to vocational institutes in Kenya on how to establish innovation and applied research hubs. Krista Holmes, George Brown’s Director of Research and Innovation, said her team will likely make two trips to Kenya to meet with partners—once in the fall of 2020 and again in winter 2021.

“The intention is that we will take our experience, and learning in the Toronto context and collaborate with our Kenyan partners to identify what will work in their local region,” Holmes said.  

The four Kenyan vocational and education training institutions George Brown will be working with will be confirmed in March and field work is expected to begin soon after.

So, why were we chosen for this project? George Brown has one of the longest running college research offices in Canada and put forward a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in research and innovation, international development, entrepreneurship and experiential learning.

“I’m excited to have this opportunity to showcase our expertise in this space. I fundamentally believe that George Brown is a leader in research and innovation in Canada and globally, but we don’t tell our story because we’re busy doing the work,” Holmes said. “I think projects like this are a great way to both raise our profile and the profile of these partner institutions by helping them establish innovative programs."

This project reflects George Brown’s focus on internationalization and partnership development as outlined in the Strategy 2022, Vision 2030 plan. 

In 2018-19, George Brown offered 1,662 student research experiences, including 212 research projects. To date, George Brown has received almost $80 million in research funding from the government and industry partners.