Find salary information, job stats and career assessment on Career Coach

Choosing your career is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. We have a tool that can help you discover career options and the right programs to get you on track to meet your goals. 

Career Coach provides four great tools to get your career and program search started:

  1. Career assessment

    Eager to start studying but unsure what career you want to pursue? A career assessment quiz is a good starting point. You have two options: a six-question quick start assessment or a more detailed 60-question assessment.

    After answering the questions Career Coach will provide your top career matches. Please note that this isn’t a verified assessment and should be used for exploration purposes only.

    Connect with George Brown College’s Entry Advising team for a more detailed assessment. Current students and alumni can visit our Career Services centres to speak with a career advisor.

  2. Search jobs

    Is there a career that interests you? Plug it into the search bar. You’ll get results for the Greater Toronto Area that show you salary information, projected job growth in the field, current job listings and George Brown College programs you can take to train for the job.

  3. Search programs

    Is there a program or field of study you want to learn more about? Use the program search tool to see what George Brown College offers. The search results will also show you what careers options may be available to you after completing a specific program.

  4. Build your resume

    Create an account and use the Career Coach resume builder—your document can be easily edited and downloaded at any time.