New Students Handy Tips

  • Group of students in the class listening to a presenter
  • Take the time to get better prepared for college life with some of these handy tips on things you can you do now!

    • Download the GBC app to get quick access to your course schedule, college information and news and events.

    • Connect with George Brown on social media and stay up to date on what’s happening.

    • Check your Stu-View account to verify if you are required to take a Math and/or English placement tests. You can book your placement test before classes begins by visiting the Assessment Centre website.

    • Submit your photo online for your Student Card, and do a quick pick up when you’re on campus.

    • Lockers can be purchased online at Stu-View using a credit card or Visa Debit. If you would like to pay cash or debit please visit the Student Centre on campus - stop by before the term starts to avoid long lines.

    • Join a club to meet some new people with shared interests or sign up to volunteer with our Student Leadership Academy to build your leadership and soft skills.

    • Register for your classes online through Stu-View.

    • Find a part time job to help offset some expenses while you study and sharpen your interview skills at GBCareers.

    Questions or concerns? Contact the Student Life team at