Alumni Stories – Dariuz Nikolaz Darqiuz

Electromechanical Engineering Technician - T146

Graduated 2011

dariuz-nikolaz-darqiuz“George Brown College offered me real work place experience and a vast array of working knowledge on communication, technical writing, computers, electricity, and mechanics. These essential skills helped me to successful blend into the workplace within 3 days after finishing my program!” explains Electromechanical Engineering Technician graduate Dariuz Nikolaz Darqiuz who secured the position of Building Automation Systems Technician at Setpoint Building Automation.

A typical work day for Dariuz includes surveying the client building and deciding on an effective and efficient way of completing the building automation systems installation. From there, mapping out a physical plan for running conduit, communication cables and signal cables throughout the required areas of the building. Finally after completing the running of cables, to begin terminating radiation valves, actuators, sensors, controllers and any necessary electrical connection to pumps, motors and other devices as required. “Job locations change practically every day and this in itself keeps me motivated to see what the next big project is like!”

“During my job search I made optimum use of the college’s Career Services. This included getting help in writing and preparing a resume, how to dress appropriately for a job interview, and actual interview preparations. I also attended numerous job fairs offered by the college. This enhanced my awareness of different companies, jobs, and career opportunities within my field of study.”

“My overall college experience was fantastic. I acquired a wealth of knowledge in a short span of time, made future connections for prospective jobs and career opportunities, and best of all made an extremely positive impact on my life and for my future career opportunities. Attending George Brown College has opened huge possibilities for me with this being definitely one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my career path!”