General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

Diploma Programs

At George Brown College, students in diploma programs are required to take four General Education courses. General Education courses are grouped into three broad categories: Arts and Humanities (coded as GHUM), Social Science (coded as GSSC) and Science and Technology (coded as GSCI).

According to college policy, students must take General Education courses from at least two of the three categories in order to graduate. This is policy is called the General Education breadth requirement. Students are responsible for ensuring that the General Education electives they register in fulfill the breadth requirement.

In most diploma programs, there are one or two mandated General Education courses (in other words, General Education courses that the program has decided all students must take), and the remaining two or three courses are electives. If your program's mandated General Education courses are from the same category (e.g. both GSSC), you must choose at least one elective from a different category in order to fulfill the breadth requirement.  To learn more about the specific General Education requirements for students in your program, click the link to the information about your School or Centre below.

Certificate Programs

Students in certificate programs are also required to take General Education courses, but the breadth requirement does not apply. To learn more about the specific General Education requirements for students in your program, click the link to the information about your School or Centre below.

Course Exclusions

The content of some General Education electives may be similar to that of required courses in your program. Although we have made every effort to identify electives that overlap with program content, it is the students' responsibility to ensure that they do not take General Education electives that repeat curriculum in the program area.

Please read the General Education course descriptions before you register for your electives to make sure the courses you select do not duplicate the content of your program courses.

Please note that program-mandated General Education courses cannot be used toward General Education elective requirements.

Requirements by Centre

Includes School of Design (G102, G103, G119)
School of Media and Performing Arts (G111, G112, P101, P104, P105, P106, P107, R102)
School of Fashion Studies (F102, F105, F110, F111, F112, F113, F114)
School of Computer Technology (T127, T141, T147, T163, T181, T217)

Includes School of Accounting and Finance (B103, B107/B157, B130/B150)
School of Human Resources (B134, B144/154)
School of Marketing (B108/B158, B120)
School of Management (B122/B162, B123/B163, B125, B126/B156,
B131/B161, B145/B155)

Includes Angelo DelZotto School of Construction Management (T105, T161, T164)
School of Architectural Studies (T109, T132, T170)
School of Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades (T110, T126, T148, T160, T162,
T165, T167)
School of Mechanical Engineering Technologies (T121, T146, T171, T173)

Includes School of Deaf and Deaf-Blind Studies (C108, C110, C114)
School of Social and Community Services (C101, C119, C133)
School of Early Childhood Education (C100, C105, C118, C130)

Includes School of Dental Health (S100, S101, S113, S124)
School of Health Services Management (S115, S135, C139)
School of Health and Wellness (S102, C116, S117, S125, C102)
Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing (S119, S121)

Includes Chef School (H100, H108, H112, H113, H116, H119, H134)
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (H102, H103, H130, 
H131, H132, H133)

Includes Assaulted Women's and Children's Counsellor/Advocate (R107)
School of Work and College Preparation (A103, A146, A109)


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