Faculty strike continues

October 20, 2017

We understand that the ongoing faculty strike causes uncertainty and, likely, some stress for all members of our college community. We are committed to providing updated information as soon as it becomes available, both on our website and via social media. 

While it is impossible for anyone to predict the timing or outcome of any future strike related negotiations, we remain hopeful that a resolution can be reached quickly.  In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and share information as it becomes available.

Please note that intersession week will continue as planned next week, even if the strike is over.  When a settlement is reached, there will be 2 business days’ notice before classes resume (i.e. if a settlement is reached on a Friday, classes will resume the following Tuesday.)

For regular updates, answers to many of your questions, and guidance on the strike, please visit our Faculty Labour Negotiations FAQs. You can also connect with us on Facebook Open New Browser Window and Twitter Open New Browser Window. If you have questions related to your specific program, please contact your academic program office directly.

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