Admission Requirements for International Students

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  • Admission requirements differ significantly depending on your particular country of origin as well as the credential that you wish to pursue.

    In order to be admitted into the program of your choice you must:

    • Have graduated from senior secondary school or equivalent (those applying for a postgraduate program must have graduated from a university or college)
    • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration
    • Pay the non-refundable $95 application fee
    • Provide proof of English proficiency, if English is not the first language in your country. Please see your options for providing proof of English proficiency below.

    Please select your country of origin and credential of interest under the drop down tab in "See Credential Requirements" in order to view specific requirements for your country.

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  • See Credential/Country Requirements

    Select a country and program credential type below to view admission requirements.

  • English Language Proficiency & Validity

      Diploma/Certificate Postgraduate GBC Degree Programs
    IELTS (Academic) {Valid for 2 years} 6.0 overall,
    minimum 5.5 in each skill band
    6.5 overall,
    minimum 6.0 in each skill band
    6.5 overall,
    minimum 6.0 in each skill band
    TOEFL (Valid for 2 years) 80 overall,
    minimum 20 in each skill band
    88 overall,
    minimum 22 in each skill band
    84 overall,
    minimum 21 in each skill band
    George Brown English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program Level 8 Level 9 Level 9**
    George Brown Admissions Test (only offered in Toronto)* YES YES N/A
    PTE (Academic) {Valid for 2 years) 54 overall,
    minimum 50 in each skill band
    60 overall,
    minimum 55 in each skill band
    60 overall,
    minimum 55 in each skill band
    ESL from Other Ontario Colleges For more information on participating colleges and requirements,
    please visit
    N/A N/A

    *To register for the test, you will need to apply for your academic program and receive your Admissions Test Letter. For more information on the Admissions Test, please visit:

    **Not applicable to collaborative degree programs eg. Early Childhood Education (C118).

    You may also be able to meet our English proficiency requirements by completing the appropriate ESL level at one of our language school partners. For more information, please see

    Proof of English Language Proficiency Validity Duration for admission to post-secondary programs
    IELTS/TOEFL/PTEA 2 years from test date
    GBC EAP certificate (Level 8 or 9) No set limit established, but review may be required if over 3 years since completion.
    GBC Admissions Test 1 year
    Certificate of Completion from approved private language school partner 1 year
    Certificate of Completion from other Ontario public Colleges EAP 3 years
    2 consecutive years FT High School in Canada or other English-speaking countries graduated within last 4 years
    Degrees/Diploma, 2+ years’ FT in Canada or other English-speaking countries graduated within last 4 years

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Admission Through GBC's EAP Program

    Applicants from eligible countries who do not meet George Brown’s English language requirements may be offered conditional admission to a post-secondary program through George Brown’s EAP (English for Academic Purposes) program. Please see our EAP Admissions page for further details regarding conditional admission.

    How do I get my admissions test result?

    Results for admissions tests take approximately 5 business days to be issued. Please email your Admissions Officer 5 business days after you have written the test. Your Admissions Officer’s contact information is on your Letter of Acceptance and Test Letter.

    How long do I have to wait for my admissions test result?

    Results for admissions test take approximately 5 business days to be issued.

    What is the difference between the admissions test and the placement test?

    Admissions tests are used to determine if you meet the requirements for admission to the College.

    Placement Assessments in English and/or Math are taken after you have accepted an offer of admission. Placement assessments determine whether you are ready to take the college-level credit courses in English and/or math in the first semester, or if you need to take a foundation- level course first to further develop your skills. For programs that require English and/or Math placement testing visit

    Note: If you have already taken an Admissions Assessment (as part of your college application process), your Admissions Assessment results will be used as placement results too.

    How long is the processing time once I submit an application through the Online Application System (OAS)?

    Due to the high volume of applications, we are not able to provide exact processing times. However, we do process in priority order as received.

    The program I am interested in is closed, is there anything I can do?

    Unfortunately, programs can close early if international enrollment for that program is already achieved and there are no more places. You can ask the International Centre or your admissions officer about other available programs or you may have to wait to apply for a future intake.