Life at George Brown College

George Brown College is located in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most diverse city

Toronto is home to Canada’s major employers and the epicentre of most of the country’s key industries. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and provides students with access to a wealth of social and cultural experiences.

A great college experience is about finding balance—studying hard, learning technical and people skills and also making new friends and having fun.

George Brown College offers students many ways to get involved in campus life while studying.

We have many ways students can get involved with different groups and activities. They provide students with a wide array of services and resources to help them succeed both academically and personally. We pride ourselves on offering a vibrant campus community with activities, clubs, sports and social events.

George Brown College also has the Student Association which is comprised of an incredible team of staff who are always ready to answer questions, help navigate and understand health benefits or even assist with finding a classroom.


We have three main urban campuses – St. James, Casa Loma, and Waterfront – and several other downtown locations that place students right where the action is.

English for Academic Purposes takes place on the St. James Campus at 341 King St. East, a short walk away from the city’s downtown core and close to the city’s major businesses and attractions.

43.6511906, -79.370376

St. James Campus

200 King Street East

Toronto ON M5A 1J7

43.6757108, -79.4107835

Casa Loma Campus

160 Kendal Avenue

Toronto ON M5R 1M3

43.6439625, -79.3654755

Waterfront Campus

51 Dockside Drive

Toronto ON M5A 0B6

St. James Campus

200 King Street East

Toronto ON M5A 1J7


Casa Loma Campus

160 Kendal Avenue

Toronto ON M5R 1M3


Waterfront Campus

51 Dockside Drive

Toronto ON M5A 0B6



At academic program orientation sessions, students receive vital information such as final class schedules and lists of books to help them prepare for studies at George Brown College. The International Centre also organizes orientation events at the beginning of each semester that provide important information on transportation, banking, health insurance, visas, scholarships and so on. They are also a great opportunity for new students to meet fellow classmates as well as some of the International Centre staff. Around the end of August the International Centre organizes SMART START, a fun event where new students are introduced to the city and various services offered at GBC.

In addition to academic and international orientation sessions and events, the College has many exciting social and cultural events taking place throughout the year. The Student Association, which functions as the central student government representing the interests of all George Brown College students, also organizes many events that bring students together.

Learning Resources

George Brown provides you with access to learning resources and open access computing through our campus Library Learning Commons. Here you will find the technology, resources and assistance required to do your research, course assignments and independent study. Check out the Library Learning Commons online or in person as soon as you arrive on campus.

At the Peer-Assisted Learning Centre George Brown College’s Peer Advisors help you understand your learning style and connect you with other students to form study groups. This is an excellent way to develop personal learning strategies to support your academic success. The Centre also offers English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation groups.

Beyond the Classroom

As a student, you’ll be able to get involved in fitness and sports activities such as instructional classes, drop-in sports and organized leagues through the fitness centres at both main campuses. George Brown’s men’s and women’s varsity sports teams, The Huskies, are part of the Ontario College Athletic Association and compete against other Ontario colleges in many sports, including badminton, baseball, basketball, cross-country running, golf, soccer and volleyball.

George Brown also has a huge range of clubs for you to follow your interests — or find new ones beyond the classroom. Chances are you’ll find one that suits you, and if you don’t, we’ll help you start one! Student cafeterias, wireless access points, restaurants, bookstores, convenience stores, and so on, are all available on-campus to help you make the most of your time spent at the College.

Even if you aren’t a student in George Brown College’s culinary and theatre programs, you can enjoy the benefits! Enjoy affordable and delicious lunch offerings at ‘Chef On The Run’ prepared by GBC’s own hospitality instructors and students, or for an exciting fine-dining experience, check out the menus and information at The Chefs’ House. Located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District George Brown College’s Young Centre for the Performing Arts produces top-notch student theatre productions.

As a George Brown student some of your most rewarding experiences will occur as you take part in the cultural, social and athletic activities happening on campus. George Brown’s campuses support an active and involved student body. You’ll have countless opportunities to make lifelong friends, develop new interests, and enrich your College experience – so get involved, make friends and, most of all, have fun!

Living in Toronto

At George Brown College you’ll be studying in the downtown heart of a wonderful city. Toronto is recognized by the United Nations as one of the world’s most multicultural cities and is home to world-class art galleries, museums, theatres, restaurants and sports centres. There are countless opportunities to augment your classroom learning with exciting cultural experiences. Toronto’s community includes over 90 ethnic groups originating from over 169 countries speaking over 100 languages. As you familiarize yourself with the city, Toronto’s official website is a valuable source for information on Community Events, Public Health, Maps, Cycling Information, Attractions, and more!

Public Transportation in Toronto

Toronto's subway and bus systems are quite efficient.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is available 24 hours per day and seven days per week to assist you. The TTC can be reached at (416) 393-INFO or (416) 393-4636. Telephone information is now available in the following 18 languages: Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

You can also visit TTC website at The website offers route, fare and monthly "Metropass" information as well as detailed maps. If you do not have Internet access from home, you can access the TTC website from any on-campus computer lab terminal.